Week 3: Feb 19 – 25

This week I just about reached my $300 limit!

I spent on a few things I probably didn’t need but at the time just felt I had to have….plus I could have made a few less ingredient-intensive meals….but so far we are still on track.

I have one week to go and I anticipate that I will only need to buy staples like milk and bread during the week. YEAH!

I have some sausage left to use and a bit of hamburger, so I’ll figure out something to fix with those items. I might make some pizza dough for pizzas, some sort of soup, and eat any leftovers we might have…..

what we’ve eaten this week:

  • cream of leek soup
  • chocolate chip brownies
  • spaghetti w/ red sauce
  • garbanzo bean soup w/ sausage meatballs (or link chunks)
  • baked fish w/ potatoes and broccoli casserole
  • egg salad wraps