This is a tip from a Dollar Stretcher website member that I thought was pretty good and might be useful to keep in mind…

Keeping Cukes Fresh Longer

I love the long, “seedless” cucumbers because I don’t like the
big seeds in regular ones. However, this kind of cucumber is
large and expensive and it always goes bad before I can use it
all. I hate to waste that much money.

I’ve discovered a simple way to keep the cucumber fresh much,
much longer. I peel and slice the whole cucumber and place the
slices in a plastic container that has a sealing lid. I put a
paper towel or a paper napkin on the bottom and another one on
top of the slices and close the container with the lid. The
paper towels/napkins absorb the extra moisture that seems to
make the cucumbers rot so quickly. The taste is great, and I
can keep the cucumber slices “fresh” for a week if necessary,
maybe longer!