Quark is a healthy “cheese” that is often eaten in Germany, and other European counties I’m sure. Since it’s very hard to find the US or Canada my mom and I have come up with away to make your own Quark. I’ve made quark from yogurt and from buttermilk – I prefer the flavor of the buttermilk version though the yogurt version is also good -especially for cooking. You can use quark as a substitute for cream cheese and it’s very low in fat. It can be eaten by itself with fresh fruit, or used to make a variety of dishes, but mostly for baking.

Anyway, I recently madeĀ  some quark from buttermilk and thought I’d post the how-to and some ideas of how I’ve used this cheese in my diet.


Purchase a container of buttermilk – whatever size or % fat you desire –

Method 1:

  • put the buttermilk into a large glass or cermic bowl and place in the oven on LOW and let it cook overnight (at least 6-8 hours) – you don’t want it to brown but you do want the whey to seperate from the solids.
  • when the whey has separated out, spoon the solids into a cheese cloth (I like to use a mesh re-usable one which can be washed but regular cheese cloth is okay) while holding the cloth over the bowl (the liquids will drain)
  • save the whey for use with cooking or discard – it is good for you and has a slightly sweet smell and taste – probably would work well for cooking rice for a rice pudding
  • let the rest of the whey drain out of the cheese for about 6 hours until it forms a semi-solid lump of cheese (in the fridge)

Method 2:

  • instead of putting the buttermilk in the oven as described above, if you have a yogurt maker you can simply dump it into that and let it sit approx 16 hours until the whey separates
  • follow the same steps using the cheese cloth as above in Method 1


  • substitute for cream cheese or feta cheese in recipes, such as with cheese cake or spankopita
  • mix with honey and vanilla and eat with fresh peaches sliced or berries (I had this the other night and it was awesome)

Here’s a link to a recipe for Quark and Berries