Lemon Crinkle Cookie

So, we’ve been busy making cookies for Santa here and my 3 year old has been helping a lot (with cooking and of course, sampling). We made these cookies today at her request for a lemon cookie – hey it’s supposed to be a winning recipe so it must be awesome!

Well, we made the dough -soooo super easy and quick and then my little one had tons of fun rolling the cookies in icing sugar and putting them on the baking sheet. I will definitely make these again just based on how easy they were to make and how much fun she had. Mine didn’t flatten as much as the ones in the photo on the original post, but they taste very nice…not super lemony so next time I will add more lemon (personal preference) but totally worth the time. Check out the recipe here –> LDS Living


Big Batch Cinnamon Rolls

The rolls I originally reviewed were pretty good, but I’ve sense found a recipe we LOVE! The first post is listed at the end of this post…but I really do recommend you try this one pronto!



Since we are staying home this holiday, my husband has been missing his mom’s cinnamon rolls… and my mother in law makes awesome cinnamon rolls – but she doesn’t frost/ice them…but I love that stuff so I did mine.

I have never made cinnamon rolls – honestly I’ve been a little afraid LOL, but I gave it a go anyway as a nice Christmas gesture to hubby. The recipe I used is for a big batch of rolls – it made 2 large pans.  These tasted really good but I do think I waited a bit too long to frost them as I let them cool and they got a bit hard on the outside edges … I think I should have frosted them right out of the oven. I will have to ask my MIL how she keeps her unfrosted ones from getting hard on the edges… I love them nice and soft. These baked up very nicely and won’t last long I’m sure!

My daughter helped me (she’s 3 yrs old) – and boy she loaded on the sugar and we added some maple flavoring and dried cherries since I had them on hand … yum!

I wasn’t sure how to roll these things and I was told to use string to cut them, but that did not work for me … when I rolled the dough, it seemed they were too loose, but I let them rise about an hour on the tray before baking and they seemed to be fine.

I even took some pictures I was so impressed with myself… ! I plan to make these again, but will freeze them unfrosted for quick cooking on holiday weekends (especially since my goal for 2013 is to begin freezer cooking)!


Lemon Ricotta Pancakes

These lemon ricotta pancakes are really good! I did make a few minor modifications but wow they were great!

I used orange zest + 1 tbsp lemon juice instead of lemon zest; and I used coconut milk instead of whole milk; and I didn’t bother with all that extra prep work – just mixed wet ingredients and dry – worked out fine!

Island Potato Soup

Tonight I ventured a bit out of my comfort zone and made a Caribbean(ish) dish – at least that is what the original poster said it was… it had coconut milk in it so I guess it was Caribbean flavors!

This was pretty good – and mild – my family liked it and I would make it again.

Here’s the link to the recipe –> http://www.owlhaven.net/2009/07/14/south-pacific-potato-soup/

Almond Flour Chocolate Chip cookies


I tried these Paleo cookies last night and they were pretty good – they turned out moist but a little low on sweetness and a little high on salt for my tastes – but I think I will make them again and measure more closely!

Salmon with Caper Mayonnaise

So I had some salmon with capers at a restaurant not long ago and it was AWESOME and I wanted to do something equally delicious with my salmon steak this week. I found a few recipes with capers and they all sounded good, but being the lazy person I am, this one had all my ingredients on hand, so it was the winner! I’m glad I tried it – it was good! BUT it is very salty with the amount of capers indicated in the recipe so if you don’t like super salty, then you might want to cut the amount in half.


Easy Baby Shrimp in Garlic

My mom gave me this recipe – super easy and pretty well a no-brainer.

  • 1 tsp coconut oil
  • 1 clove garlic
  • 1-1/2 cups fresh shelled baby shrimp
  • handful fresh rosemary, chopped

Heat your oil and add the garlic – let it begin to brown and then add the shrimp. Stir gently and cook about 3 minutes; then add the rosemary. Serve with sauteed veggies (such as zucchini and orange pepper and mushrooms) and scrambled eggs or place in a wrap with rice and veggies.