Well, my February food challenge ends on Tuesday, March 5th and I’m so glad! It’s been a bit frustrating having to be so selective at the store, but it’s also been uplifting in knowing that we can still eat very well and spend $300 in a month!

If you’ll notice from my grocery budget spreadsheet, we did go slightly over the $300 mark…which I’m disappointed about, but we were still very close to reach our goal that I feel sure if I’d been a little more selective I could have spent at or below the $300 target. For example, looking back I see that I didn’t need 4 jars of pasta sauce – I only bought that many since they were on sale. So, I might see how much a difference it will make in the overall spending amount if I take off the cost of those items I bought but didn’t use, such as the extra jars of sauce still sitting in the cupboard.

This week I’ve made the following recipes/meals:

  • hazelnut waffles
  • sausage and pirogies
  • Tzatziki dip
  • Facoccia bread
  • Cottage cheese and chive muffins