Since we are currently on a single fixed income, and thanks to the economy (rising gas, food, commodity prices), our family finances are strained a bit. To add to this economic crunch, we have 3 mortgage payments this month instead of our normal 2 payments.

We live very frugally and watch our money closely, so in order to keep our bank balance above the $ limit where we incur bank fees, I’m imposing a $300 limit on groceries this month. Now, I don’t know what other people spend on groceries in a month, but this will be a challenge for us.

While there are only 2 of us, I try to fix a take-along breakfast for my husband every day, prepare lunches everyday, and cook a full meal nearly every night (sometimes we only eat 2 meals on weekends). That means at least 6 meals a day.

Also, food prices are bit more expensive here in Canada than in the US — most likely due to transportation costs and I very rarely have coupons to use….as hard as it is to believe they are hard to come by where I live. Since moving to small-town Canada from the US, I have been desperately missing coupons. Coupons from the US don’t apply here and they are very seldom in the free local newspaper (I’m sure in places like Toronto or Vancouver there are coupons, but not anyplace around here). Also, finding coupons online for use at the grocery here is nearly impossible. I’m really saddened and a bit enraged by this!

So, I will try my best to make $300 stretch a full month and share my expenses, recipes, and experiences here in my blog. Hopefully we won’t be eating bologna every night for a week at the end of the month and maybe I’ll even lose some weight!