I like to snack and it can be a problem if I have too much junk food around so I’ve come to love more delicious and nutritious snacks over time…

Cottage Cheese with Pineapple

I really like Island Farms Cottage Cheese, but I know it’s not available everywhere… so find your favorite (or most tolerable) cottage cheese and add some drained pineapple chunks and enjoy! I admit cottage cheese has never been something I enjoyed much because of the salty flavor, so I choose the 1% and it’s amazing how less salty it tastes…also, cottage cheese is really filling and great for people on a diet because it’s low in fat and has lots of protein.

Apple with Cheddar

Now this snack idea sounded totally disgusting to me until my husband forced me to try it….it is delicious! The combination of the sweet and salty are really yummy. I’ve always had it with a red apple (Red Delicious, Macintosh, etc) and a sharp cheddar… or even a smoky cheddar… anyway, just take an apple and a couple slices or a few small blocks of cut-up cheddar and enjoy!

Apple with Nutella

Nutella is something I’ve enjoyed since childhood when mom would smuggle some to me in the US from Germany… yum! I’m so glad it’s at the stores locally now! So, you can enjoy a tasty apple with 1 tbsp nutella on a spoon for a yummy, easy, and somewhat lowfat snack!

Yogurt with Cottage Cheese

Some people might think this is nasty but I enjoy it pretty often… combine a few spoons of cottage cheese with some yogurt in a bowl and enjoy. Yum!